June 16 Top News

June 16 Top News

  • Trump campaign focusing on Warren amid recent polls
  • Lakers reportedly acquire Anthony Davis in massive trade
  • Trump goes off on New York Times
  • Targets registers now working after nationwide outage
Trump campaign zeroing in on Elizabeth Warren in light of recent polls

“Although our own early published polls and internal polls discounted Elizabeth Warren, her recent momentum in May and June in national and early caucus and primary states into a strong second place to a flat Joe Biden is a cause for our campaign’s attention,” Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin wrote in a text message to POLITICO.

Abraham Lincoln delivered iconic "House Divided" speech on this day in 1858
MEDIAWATCH: Using the truth to mislead
Ken LaCorte

MEDIAWATCH: Using the truth to mislead

When I see something horrible in the media, I always try to give the perpetrator the moral benefit of the doubt. Even earnest people make mistakes, and we can all be blinded by our own biases.

Yesterday, however, I saw something so egregious that there could be no justification. Outlet after outlet reported that President Trump would send migrant kids to a "former WWII Japanese internment camp."

US says Iran took mine off tanker; Iran denies involvement

The U.S. military released a video it said shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz.

One tanker owner appears to dispute this account of the attack

Landslide 2020 polls spark angst

Landslide 2020 polls spark angst

"These same geniuses all predicted that Hillary Clinton was unstoppable and inevitable,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic pollster.


Trump goes off on New York Times

MEDIAWATCH: How White House reporters reacted to news Sarah Sanders is leaving

A Huffington Post reporter tweeted: "HELP WANTED: Need someone to run daily news briefings in important Washington, D.C. building with incredible consequences for the country. News briefings held once a year, maybe less. Must be comfortable lying on camera."

Many pointed out the number of days since the last press briefing.

Saudi crown prince insists kingdom isn't seeking war in region

“The kingdom does not seek war in the region, but we will not hesitate to deal with any threat to our people, sovereignty and vital interests,” he said, via The Associated Press.