There continue to be more questions than answers in the events surrounding the Las Vegas shooting earlier this month, as it’s now been revealed that security guard Jesus Campos traveled to Mexico just days after the massacre — after being shot in the leg by shooter Stephen Paddock.

The news was broken by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who showed a document proving that Campos re-entered the country from Mexico a week after the attack.

However, it’s not known what day he left for Mexico, or why he would flee after just being shot, hobbled, and the main witness in the largest mass shooting in American history.

In another mysterious development, it’s been discovered that Campos was not a licensed security guard. Reportedly, when journalists called the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to determine the type of license required, the office hung up the phone on them.

“Jesus Campos is a victim and we don’t speak about victims,” a sheriff’s spokesperson reportedly said.

His union says that the visit was pre-planned, but it’s unclear why that visit wasn’t then disclosed after he left.

Campos finally showed his face last week, making an appearance on “Ellen” after canceling a series of interviews on shows like “Hannity.”

However, in the eight-minute interview that aired, DeGeneres didn’t press him on the changing timeline of the shooting, leaving viewers with the same unanswered questions about the massacre.

The host and comedian has her own Ellen-themed slot machines at the MGM Grand.



Aside from crafting a motive for Paddock, the biggest question mark has been the timeline of the attack. Authorities first said that Campos confronted Paddock as he was carrying out the rampage, but then changed their story, saying that Campos was shot six minutes before Paddock opened fire.

Then, the New York Times crafted its own timeline, using a team of digital investigators to analyze the events of October 1 and concluded that Campos was shot about one minute into the attack, suggesting that again authorities gave the public the wrong timeline.

According to this analysis, Paddock began firing at 10:05 p.m. and continued until 10:15 p.m, raising more questions about why it took authorities so long to get to his room on the 32nd floor. Police arrived at around 10:22 p.m — seven minutes after the shooting ended. Furthermore, Paddock allegedly ended the shooting about an hour before cops actually entered the room and found his dead body.

“We need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy to see if he’s in here or if he’s actually moved somewhere else,” a police officer says in an audio clip recorded around 11:20 p.m. and obtained by the Times.

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