James Damore, the former Google engineer who was fired back in August after publishing a 3,000-word manifesto on alleged discrimination against conservatives and white men at the company, has now sued the tech giant.

Damore is joined in the lawsuit by another former Google engineer, David Gudeman. The plaintiffs are suing under federal discrimination laws and as well under California Labor Code 1101 and 1102, which prevents an employer from firing an employee over political beliefs or activities.

Here is a list of the most explosive allegations in the complaint.

1. Google employees endorsed political violence and linked Trump supporters and conservative news outlets like Breitbart to Nazism

One section of the complaint, titled “Google endorsing political violence,” includes screenshots from the Google internal messaging forum showing employees talking about justifications for “punching Nazis” and equating Nazism to conservative news outlets like Breitbart and Trump supporters. 

One employee, Matthew Montgomery, justified rioting and political violence. He appears to suggest that Trump supporters are aligned with Nazism, along with his perception that the U.S. is in a “failure mode of democracy”.

Another post echoes the same sentiment, claiming that current political opponents are Nazis and again endorsing violence against them.

Another shows a graphic claiming that “America First”, a slogan coined by President Trump, “is a slogan for American Nazis.”

According to the suit, there was no punishment for these remarks or any employment termination.

2. When deciding on hiring and promotions, the company openly expressed race and gender preferences

Damore claims that there was public shaming of Google teams that didn’t have enough gender and racial diversity and that the company “blatantly” was basing certain hiring and promotion decision on the race and gender of the candidate.

As explained by the EEOC, “it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against a job applicant because of his or her race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.” Such discrimination is also illegal under California law.

For example, he alleges that during a“TGIF,” which are weekly meetings to discuss ongoing company concerns, executives explicitly said that gender and race should be taken into consideration during the hiring and promotion process.

3. Google rewarded employees who made threats or came out against Damore’s memo

The suit claims that the Google Recognition Team “allowed employees to give fellow employees Peer Bonuses for coming out against Damore.”

4. A high-ranking director at Google named Colm Buckley explicitly admits to wanting to stifle speech he disagrees with.

5. A Google employee was reported to HR for questioning a Muslim colleague’s claim that she was being investigated by the FBI over her religion.

Just a day after President Trump’s election, employee Sarmad Gilan wrote: “As someone already targeted by the FBI (including at work) for being a Muslim, I’m worried for my personal safety and liberty. Will Google take a public stand to defend minorities and use its influence, or just issue the usual politically nuanced statements about our values.”

After co-plaintiff David Gudeman raised questions about the claims, another employee accused him of starting a conspiracy theory about Gilan being involved in a terrorist organization because he noted that Gilan had recently visited Pakistan.

6. There’s secret blacklist to bar certain conservatives from entering the headquarters

The lawsuit says conservative blogger Curtis Yarvin set off a “silent alarm” when he visited an employee at Google’s Silicon Valley office in 2016. Others on the blacklist allegedly include radio host Alex Jones.

7. Employees openly expressed an anti-white male bias — comments that were tolerated by Google managers

One employee wrote that she ‘could care less’ about being unfair to white men.

Liz Fong-Jones later corrected her remark to say: “cisgendered, white, able-bodied, wealthy.”

Additionally, an employee in the Developer Product Group allegedly wrote:

“If you put a group of 40-something white men in a room together and tell them to come up with something creative or innovative, they’ll come back and tell you how enjoyable the process was, and how they want to do it again, but they come up with fuck-all as a result!”

Despite the openly racially-charged remark, Google HR allegedly responded that “[g]iven the context of the post and that [the employee’s] main point is to highlight that it is helpful to have diverse perspectives, it doesn’t appear that the post to [sic] violates our policies.”

Furthermore, the “presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with ‘boos’ during companywide weekly meetings,” while female workers were celebrated “solely due to their gender,” according to the suit.

8. Traditional gender and parenting roles were discouraged

In March of 2017, an HR representative “strongly suggested” to an employee that conservative and traditional parenting techniques were unwelcome at the company.

One footnote is particularly eye-opening about the culture of self-identification and gender roles: “For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as “a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” and “an expansive ornate building” presented a talk entitled “Living as a Plural Being” at an internal company event.”

Following the explosive allegations, Google reportedly issued a statement, saying that “We look forward to defending against Mr. Damore’s lawsuit in court.”

The lawsuit can be read in its entirety, here.

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