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What the #[email protected]&%*! is happening to journalism?
In the last few years, “yellow journalism” has returned. The media has always had its biases and problems, but never before have we witnessed such a quick loss of credibility and trust. Too often, reporters have become activists and reasonable opinion has been replaced by extremism, trading credibility for online clicks. It’s hurting not just the media, but America as well.

First, who’s Ken LaCorte?

“For the past 18 years, I was a senior executive at Fox News. I started as the Bureau Chief for the western states where I ran the news operations west of the Rocky Mountains.
I then took over, where I was responsible for all of the content you saw for the past 10 years. I helped spur explosive growth, increasing page views 400% to 1.2 billion per month. It grew into one of the world’s largest news sites, bringing in over $100 million per year with huge profit margins.
Along the way, I tackled some critical assignments, such as fighting to stop one of our reporters from being jailed for protecting her sources, and traveling to Gaza to spearhead the return of two kidnapped Fox journalists.
Even before I became a journalist, I understood the power of the internet. In 1997, I defied California officials by publishing the “Megan’s Law” list of high-risk sex offenders.
Since then, the state has reversed course and now makes that information public online.
Now, I’m assembling a team of journalists and experts who not only see the troubled state of news, but have a plan to help fix it.”
    — Ken

Rebooting Journalism


Your uncle just posted a SENSATIONAL! story on Facebook, but do you really know that “news” source? Is it real? Fair? At LCN, our editors and experts will post hundreds of stories daily, making sure they’re both smart and fair.


Do love football but could care less about the Kardashians? LaCorte News will combine your tastes with our editorial judgment, giving you the news you want and the news you need.


Community to us isn’t just a “comment” section under an article. We’re treating it as a first-class notion, where you can interact with our writers and have intelligent discussions about the day’s news.

News vs Opinion

These days, it’s often hard to distinguish between straight news and opinion. We’ll make it very apparent here, from different colored headlines to identiftying who’s giving their thoughts.

Live Video

We’ll cover breaking news, streamed live to your phone and computer. We’ll have our own reporters but not be afraid to show you what other reliable outlets are reporting, giving you a “best of” video experience.


Who actually writes the news you read? What are their backgrounds and biases? At LCN, we’ll make that crystal clear, from in-depth information on our reporters to live-streamed editorial meetings, so you can see for yourself.

LCN Original Reporting

As we’re building the technology to make this happen, we’ll be writing some original stories as well …
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