News Unspun. Talk uncensored.

If you’ve stopped trusting the mainstream media … welcome to LaCorte News.

Founded by long-time Fox News executive Ken LaCorte, our mission is to push back against dishonest media coverage and social media censorship.

News unspun. Every news outlet says they’re telling the “truth” but most now behave like political activists, mainly spinning hard to the left. LaCorte News offers an alternative to that narrative, paying special attention to media hypocrisy, social media, Hollywood, and academia.

Talk uncensored. Under the banner of protecting us from “hate speech” and “fake news” the giant social media companies are reducing our ability to speak online more and more. Here, we allow anything that’s not illegal or spam.

Our Free Speech Zone lets you post your thoughts without fear of being banned, censored or burned at the stake. Here, users tag their content into Civil, Spirited and Extreme labels, so users can decide what they’re comfortable with seeing. If you’re easily offended, keep it to Civil or find somewhere else better suited to you.

Ken LaCorte was a longtime executive at the Fox News Channel, running its online division for the last decade. You can find him in our community section here, on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Or, reach out directly via ken@lacortenews.com.

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