Journalism had taken a credibility hit with Americans, and deservedly so. LaCorte News is our answer to a news media that’s gone off the rails.

Founder Ken LaCorte ran FoxNews.com for a decade and has now assembled a news team — from across the political spectrum — dedicated to bringing you fair news.

Editor-in-Chief John Moody built the Fox News reporting division and ran it for twenty years. He’s joined by Mike Oreskes, the former top news editor at NPR. They bring decades of experience at the highest levels of journalism, as well as political balance to a news site that's pledging to be open and honest.

Our editors sort through thousands of stories every day, striving to give you fair and full news coverage.

LaCorte News is owned and operated by Bivona Digital Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in California. Corporate investors include Ken LaCorte (CEO), Linda Johnson, Deanna Eli and Kimberly Johnson.

What we offer

  • Smart and fair — We’re not trying to fool you into clicking the clickiest headline and we’re not pushing a political point-of-view behind a fake claim of objectivity.

  • Personalized news — More sports? You got it. Don’t want to keep up with the Kardashians? We got you covered, and you’ll never have to worry about missing important stories. Just click the buttons underneath the stories to fine-tune your experience.

  • Transparency — Our reporters are just as much a part of the community as you are, and we will soon live-stream our daily editorial meetings so you can see our decision-making process for yourself, and give us real-time input.

  • More to come — We’ll be adding more features regularly, from real-time news alerts to personal user-to-user messaging. We’ll soon have dedicated Apple and Android apps as well.

Building a community

We’re building a place where you can have an intelligent conversation, not a shout-fest. Please build it with us!

Too often, comment sections are filled with ugly, profane and dumb thoughts. We actively hide those that don’t add to an intelligent debate.

We're asking people to comment as if they were out at dinner with friends and family. Have good conversations that don't lead to yelling. We can build a real community here and need your help to make it happen.

Questions or thoughts — Reach out to us anytime at contact@lacortenews.com